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Telelogic Tools

IdeaMachines' security framework is a fully executable model of a rich surveillance system.  It includes support for testing and modifying components.  It includes components for controlling and acquiring data from xray, gas chromatographs, video and biometric sensors, radiologic sensors and more.  We include extensive support for display and communication with relevent operators.  We provide a flexible response mechanism, both to control what we can anticipate - fire doors, access and barriers, fog generators - and for testing and configuring these elements.  We have developed unique low-latency access to commercial database facilities for storing and retreiving real time threat information for each entity crossing through the protected domain. 

Our framework is, by virtue of the UML and SysML, entirely platform independent.  We will offer versions with similar attributes, but with DoDAF compliant subsystems and development framework. 

If support for particular run-time platforms, a specific processor, boards, or instruments, is not in the base product, we will provide guidance to the client, or offer our services with a number of possible scenarios, ranging from providing the extension at our cost (in which case we would be reselling the component), to full fee design consultation where IdeaMachines reliquishes resale rights and the product is fully owned by the client.